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Sham January 31, 2011

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sham (this is another word that requires no pronunciation edification) n., Something that is not what it purports to be; a spurious imitation; fraud or hoax.
Despite the convincing “labored look” she donned, her bowling alley pregnancy was merely a sham.

*FUN FACT: ‘Sham’ is also available as an adjective or a verb!


Audacity January 29, 2011

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audacity (aw-das-i-tee) n., Bold or arrogant disregard of normal restraints; effrontery or insolence.
She was rather shocked that Toaster had the audacity to gnaw on her beloved princess wand!


Indignation January 28, 2011

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indignation (in-dig-ney-shuhn) n., Strong displeasure at something considered unjust, offensive, insulting, or base; righteous anger.
After tolerating 57 minutes of automated messages thanking her for continuing to hold, she glared at the phone in fervent indignation.


Repose January 27, 2011

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repose (ri-pohz) n., The state of being at rest, calm, tranquil, or composed; temporary rest from activity, excitement, or exertion.
Although it was typically thought to have an invigorating effect, she garnered repose while sippin’ on Kombucha.



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frenzied (fren-zeed) adj., Wildly excited or uncontrolled.
Despite being on a “low dose”, Prednisone elicited frenzied behavior in her.


Ersatz January 26, 2011

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ersatz (er-zahts or -sahts) adj., Serving as a substitute; synthetic; artificial.
Per doctor’s orders, she administered ersatz tears to her right eye once an hour to prevent drying of the cornea while affected by the Bell’s palsy.



Askew January 25, 2011

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askew (uh-skyoo) adverb, To one side; out of line; in a crooked position.
She smiled askew due to Bell’s palsy, a condition that causes temporary paralysis on one side of the face.


Dishabille January 23, 2011

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dishabille (dis-uh-beel or dis-uh bee) n., The state of being only partly or scantily clothed.
She was unable to pull up her jeans before the camera flashed and caught her in dishabille.



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anomalous (uh-nom-uh-luhs) adj., Deviating from or inconsistent with the common order, form, or rule; irregular; abnormal.
Although she felt it was prudent to protect her teeth from stains, her inclination to sip coffee through a straw was widely considered to be anomalous behavior.


Vacillate January 22, 2011

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vacillate (vas-uh-leyt) v., To waver in mind or opinion; be indecisive or irresolute.

She tended to vacillate in the cereal aisle for an inordinate amount of time due to the plethora of options.