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Strewn September 25, 2011

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strewn (stroon) v., To have scattered or spread (things) untidily over a surface or area.

The contents of her unzipped (and unwieldy) backpack were strewn about the floor.



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bleary (bleer-ee) adj., (of the eyes or sight) Blurred or dimmed, as from sleep or weariness; fatigued; worn-out.

She had difficulty comprehending the curriculum guide that she attempted to read through bleary eyes.



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rollicked (rol-ikd) v., Acted or behaved in a jovial and exuberant fashion.

After (another) grueling 12-hour school day, she gave her brain a break and rollicked with Toaster in the living room.



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unwieldy (uhn-weel-dee) adj., Not readily handled or managed in use or action, as from size, shape, or weight; awkward; ungainly.

She nearly threw her back out while struggling to hoist her unwieldy school bag onto her shoulders.



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impetus (im-pi-tuhs) n., Stimulation or encouragement resulting in increased activity; incentive.

The creamy goodness of a Hershey’s Bar was sufficient impetus for her to complete the entry in her reflection journal.



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lamentable (luh-men-tuh-buhl) adj., That is to be lamented; regrettable; unfortunate.

Her new, gnarly bruise was the result of her lamentable decision to use the treacherous porch stairs in the rain this morning.



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gratuitous (gruh-too-i-tuhs) adj., Being without apparent reason, cause, or justification; unwarranted; unnecessary.

Since she counted 8 televisions hanging from the ceiling all around Red Robin, she felt that the one in the floor was rather gratuitous.